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My Defective Ryland Home 01/28/04 - 09/26/05

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    All photos are between: January 28, 2004 - (our closing date) and September 26, 2005 (our couldn't take anymore date) - bidding our builder, Ryland Homes, good riddance by officially kicking them out of our construction site of a house (21 months later).

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May 15, 2008


Joseph Gulottat


AAA malicously slanders, Victims/Single Father, 4 and 9 year old then making victims pay AAA client/Contractor Guilty of Home Repair Fraud $5,000.00 plus AAA Arbitration fees.

YES AAA make the victims pay $5,000.00 to AAA/client the criminal plus arbitration fees.

AAA false statement also used against THE STATE OF ILLINOIS Winnebago County States Attorneys Office to get AAA/clients indictment charges dropped.

Even with AAA fraud statement maliciously slandering single father ,4 and 9 year old was not enough

Father has overwhelming amount of evidence also full investigation by one of the top 20 in the fortune 500 which will back father 100% on fraud charges. All based on facts.

AAA/client PLEAD GUILTY TO HOME REPAIR FRAUD. FACT PROVE AAA MALICOUSLY used award to give perception that father breached contract and benefited to award AAA/client $5,000.00 nominal Damages

Both AAA and client profit from victim.

Full story more malicious then one would make up.

AAA award 5/12/2006 AAA denied all father request and complaints telling father NO ATTORNEY DARE FIGHT AGAINST AAA. Father has been fighting alone since 5/12/2006 and has been able to get Full Investigation ,Warrant issued, charges, 2nd investigation indictment and on 5/5/2008 A plea of Guilty by Indictment from AAA/client for Home Repair Fraud.. [Winnabgo County Illinois Court Case 2007 CF 01469]

Overwhelming facts. NO BUT ANDS OR IF ABOUT IT.

Family lost over $37,000.00, B etter living conditions, been Falsely Accused, Family Name sSandered and had to Pay AAA fees and AAA client Guilty of Criminal/fraud $5,000.00

Father will now fight against Goliath

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