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My Defective Ryland Home 01/28/04 - 09/26/05

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    All photos are between: January 28, 2004 - (our closing date) and September 26, 2005 (our couldn't take anymore date) - bidding our builder, Ryland Homes, good riddance by officially kicking them out of our construction site of a house (21 months later).

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March 31, 2008


James Williams

Ivory conbo in daybreak a disaster.

1. Heating system dosen't heat all rooms equally
2. Fire window didn't open. Had to be replaced.
3.Tubs in both bathrooms to small for seniors.
4. Not enough cable jacks or phone jacks in all bedrooms and living room.
5.Marble counter top cracked. Had to be repaired.
6.Cookie cutter approach to interior finishing

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