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My Defective Ryland Home 01/28/04 - 09/26/05

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    All photos are between: January 28, 2004 - (our closing date) and September 26, 2005 (our couldn't take anymore date) - bidding our builder, Ryland Homes, good riddance by officially kicking them out of our construction site of a house (21 months later).

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March 26, 2008


Donald Banting

I would information on the settlement o the class action suit against Beazer I would like to add my name to the list


I am a victim of predatory lending practices by Beazer homes in Arizona. I am looking for a lawyer to help me. Can anyone recommend a lawyer that can handle this?

ava lowe

update me about any further class action lawsuits against this company so I can add my name to the settlement list.

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