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My Defective Ryland Home 01/28/04 - 09/26/05

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    All photos are between: January 28, 2004 - (our closing date) and September 26, 2005 (our couldn't take anymore date) - bidding our builder, Ryland Homes, good riddance by officially kicking them out of our construction site of a house (21 months later).

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September 02, 2006



Pulte Home Orlando fl Fraud rip off.

Reasons why you should not purchase a home from Pulte Homes or other builders under the corp. umbrella of Dewebb, Centex homes. If you or someone that you know purchased a home from Pulte homes or Deweb. It’s very important that you take the time to read my post. This could save you thousands! Maybe save your home or even give you the ammo to make Pulte homes purchase that over priced home that you purchased at the wrong time.

Between 11/2007 and 4/2008 Pulte homes sales staff Ripped off unsuspected home buyers in the Orlando area in a community located near the Orlando Convention center called Vista Cay. During the time. Pulte Homes sales staff during the time that the real estate market was declining in the middle of 2007, According to Court documents recorded in public records. Pulte homes sold dozen of homes in the Orlando area at higher sales prices, paying an 8% real Estate commission plus a $50,000.00 to $70,000.00 selling bonus to the selling realtor. Now what really took place in this situation? Pulte homes sales staff assisted the buyers in getting a large portion of this money back in their pockets at closing, some of cash I feel went back into the pockets of the sales stuff from Pulte. When Pulte Home supplied my Real Estate Company with a sales contract with a much lower commission to keep from raising suspensions. But after obtaining the finial HUD-1 statements provided to the Lenders such as SunTrust and Chase I found that there was sales commissions appeared to go to my company that I never received. The average commission was about $90,000.00 on a 335k purchase. Sounds a little fishy………….right? I have been a Real Estate Agent for 13 years and Mortgage Broker for at least that long as well.
When I discover I was taxed by the IRS for over 1,000,000.00 in revenue that I never received I contacted Pulte home office in Michigan. I was routed to an office in the Orlando area. After a meeting with the VIPs of the company and several emails Pulte informed me that the sales staff did not do anything out of the ordinary and nothing wrong. Well I beg to differ. My questions are as follows.
1. How did the sales contracts and closing statements inflated by 100k get by the bean counters in Michigan? When we all know production builders are all about the bottom line.
2. How does Pulte explain sales contracts that they provided to me with sales commissions about 92k less per transaction then what really happen?
3. What is Pulte doing for all the other buyers that purchased homes in a 14 month time frame that paid far too much? What this did was artificially inflated the value of all the homes sold in this time frame. YOU PAID 100,000.00 more then what you should have in that time frame.
4. What about the other homeowners struggling to resell condos that are worth less then a 1/3 of what the original cost was.
5. What about the Home Buyers that lost their homes because of Pulte Homes Greed and fraudulent dealings.

This is all public record and I would be happy to review your closing documents to see if you have fallen victim of Pultes Scam. Email me today or have your Lawyer contact me. I would be happy to share copies of the documents that I have. You may be entitled to be a part of a potential class action case against Pulte Homes.


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